Welcome to the South Western side of life

If township street lights could talk, they would speak of children running around in the dust pushing bricks and imagining them to be make shift, toy cars, they would speak of young lovers who even though they have deep affection for each other, are afraid to hold hands for fear of being seen by an elder. If township street lights could talk, they would speak of Thursday mornings filled with mothers of prayer making their way to holy sanctuaries to place the problems of the world in God’s hands, they would speak of men and women quenching their laboring thirsts with cold black labels inside deep watering holes where jazz is the language of the day. My name is Tshepiso Mabula and I have lived in the township for a great part of my life. This project is called “”The South Western side of life” and it is a unique look at life and love in the township. This project comprises of different aspects of township living like; falling in love, religion, fashion and everyday life images of people getting by. . The name “the south western side of life” defines a particular lifestyle that is only unique to people who have lived in the township.  From the funny things one can witness in a single taxi ride to the relief one gets after downing a cold beer at the local “watering hole”. , The south western side of life is a mix of many different stories that will be documented in images, articles and multimedia pieces. This is the story of a township native as told by Tshepiso Mabula

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Children splash each other with water in the streets of Orlando West, Soweto, 1 Spetember 2015. Every year on spring day children in Soweto splash each other with water to welcome spring. Picture: Tshepiso Mabula


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