The modern day mdlezane


People always say motherhood is a beautiful thing, the new experience of raising another person and helping them survive in the world makes it what it is. For township mothers a practice during which they are known as umdlezane where a new mother is required to remain indoors with her new born baby for a period of up to three months after the baby is born, it is during this period that a young mother not only learns how to care for her child but she also gets to know her child, his likes and dislikes as well as his good and bad habits. For most women motherhood is not a choice and they are obligated to adopt the role of motherhood whether they are ready or not. This essay looks at two young mothers as they navigate their way through motherhood while trying to go about their normal daily lives as young women.  With the amount of negative stigma attached to being a young mother this essay seeks to celebrate the reliance of every woman who has stepped up to the plate for their children regardless of her age and circumstances.


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