Inkonzo ne mvuselelo

I was brought up by a praying mother, who believed that everyday could be conquered by her belief in God and it is because of this that I spent a lot of time in my childhood in the church. The church is a significant place of hope for many working class people because it is where they receive messages of hope and redemption for their lives. In recent times the Christian religion has come under attack in South Africa because of the many unorthodox ways in which some religious leaders sell the idea of faith to vulnerable people; however some may argue that faith is relative, that it comes from one’s experiences and understanding. This project seeks to look at how religious practices are translated as acts of worship and what these practices mean to the people who apply them faithfully. This project seeks to highlight to people how although people use religion to teach intolerance it is still possible for us to learn something from each other’s beliefs so that we can all live harmoniously and begin to see each other as equal people who deserve an equal opportunity to practice their beliefs without making other people feel inferior

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